Having a relationship is good, Maximizing your state of singleness should be your passion and not just whiling away time. The time while you’re yet a single is meant for you to carefully invest into the becoming of a better you. No matter who or where you are, the struggle of being single shouldn’t occupy the centre stage of your life. It is wisdom that you carefully channel the course of your life into more productive endeavours you won’t forget. Here are some things to put into careful consideration while you’re still single:


1. Find Your Passion
Discovering your passion should be the first thing that should be driving you. At an early stage in your life, there would have been several pointers that show to you what you should do. During your teenage days, it is certainly sure you’ve been noticing something that you can;t but do always and that which you can be crazy about every now and then. Tha is just it, give it a better shot and go on to win. There is no better time to discover the true you than now. And your passion will chart the course for that path.

2. Travel Often:
Travelling is one form of education you will engage in and will love so much. Travelling exposes one to the beauty of life and can mostly be enjoyed when one is young and not attached to any spouse. It is in your single state that you can travel to virtually anywhere under heaven. Now is when you can be privileged to explore. It can really be inconvenient seeing the world as a family of three and you will be forced to believe that travelling has become a rare luxury after a time in life. Now that you’re single, you will get a clever feel of the whole world to yourself. Use this present time available to you, to visit new places, and meet new people that will positively affect your life. 8 Things You Should Do While you are Single

3. Pursue Your Career and Dreams
After you must have discovered what your passion is being a single, don’t just go bank it in your mind, or staple it to the wall of your brain, you should be enthusiastic about it and give it that strong push, driving it into the world of reality. While you are single and have the vigor to do lots of things, bank your time into achieving that milestone achievement you’ve been clamoring to achieve. Let go of time wasters and frivolities. It is so sad the fact that, you may never become single again after you must have traded away the most important stage of your life. Being married comes with lots of responsibilities, so hit the iron while it is hot. 8 Things You Should Do While you are Single

4. Invest in Family
One of the things you shouldn’t forget to do while you are still single is investing quality time in being there for your family. Get closer to mum and dad. If possible try organises a picnic where you all can attend. By so doing you create a lingering effect in their heart which seems like a souvenir they will live to remember when you’re married. Help them pick the groceries, do chores and be always available for their needs. The truth is that you may not have that time again when you are married. Your wife and children will demand your attention while you are married and there is nothing you can do about that, you know?

5. Plug into Community
Being single doesn’t mean isolation from people. You actually need some good people around you. While you are single, join a community of people you know will be of blessing to you. It may be joining a community of volunteers or simply some church community of some sort and contribute your quota into whatever is been required of you to do there. Be deliberate about connecting to people, you actually need people to ascend some ladders in life and joining a community of positive minded people is one good way to go about this.


6. Prepare for the Future Financially
You should start thinking about family finances now. You shouldn’t get to the stage where your financial contribution is being demanded by your spouse and you have to scratch your scalp. No! Get into saving some funds for the life ahead of you. You should always have this in mind. When you save while it is a rainy day, then you’re sure to have something to fall back on. There couple of ways to prepare financially for the future. Some of which are saving, buying shares, having a proper financial education and creating at least a ten years financial plan (if possible). Learn the simple ways by which you can do budgeting. You also need to know how to manage debt. When you are well prepared financially nothing will catch you unawares.


7. Read 
Be given to reading books now and like e=never before. Most of the things that will be useful to you will be unveiled to you in the place of reading books. Most young people actually don’t like this, but it is actually one of the basic things you need to emerge that great individual you’ve been aspiring to become. Read books in your career and divert into another field as well. Always remember one thing that, no knowledge is lost. So get all good books you can think of and read now while you don’t have to nurse a baby on your lap or have to monitor your pregnant spouse.

8. Spend Time with God

The things you need to do while you’re single is never complete without you doing this. Remember God has made you in His image and His likeness, and He has done so so that you can exalt His name with your time and resources. Now that you’re single is the best time to serve the Lord. You don’t need to be ashamed about making this plan. And while you make such plan as this, be deliberate about it. Serve the Lord wholeheartedly and be given to Kingdom stewardship. Myles Munroe of blessed memory once said in one of his audio messages, ‘The myth of singleness’ that while you are single is the best time to live for God. He recounted in this audio that he served in God’s house and was able to finish up the books in the bible over and over again. Remember, when you’re running towards God, you are always running in the right direction.
Whether single or married, the best thing you can do for your life is to be aligned with God, by spending time with him. You need to allow His peace and grace in your life. With this, you overcome all of the trouble in this world just as he has promised. Let His love and grace rub off on you and then you will begin to witness a lifestyle beyond the ordinary. Remember now, the days of your youth when you have the vigor to do most things you’ve been craving, so use it judiciously.


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