You’ve probably heard or read about a person who was insulted by another (most likely a partner) for double dating and you subconsciously took a solemn vow never to double date. Well… I’m here to ask you to reconsider your decision, but before you do that, carefully read through this as I would be offering tips that might guide your new resolution.

The major reason why you might be steering clear off multi-dating might be because you consider it morally wrong. I have no issues with your moral compass but don’t you think you are lacerating yourself if your moral practices are hinged on wrong information? Think about it, do you think Eve would have taken the apple from the serpent if she knew of the consequences? Of course not! Her actions were entirely based on wrong information.

Now to clear some space in the overcrowded village of dating. You must be thinking since I claim multi-dating is not morally wrong, then I must have a reason for saying that. Yes I do. To prove multi-dating is not morally wrong, I would want you to consider carefully the meaning of the word dating.

According to Wikipedia, “Dating is a stage of romantic relationships in humans whereby two people meet socially with the aim of each assessing the other’s suitability as a prospective partner in an intimate relationship.”

The use of the term ‘dating’ gained popularity during the 20th century when intending lovers went out unsupervised. They would pick a ‘date’ on which they would secretly hang out, gradually, this became so widespread that even couples who were having a dinner referred to it as going on a date and the era of ‘dating’ started on a strong foot, overshadowing the word courtship.

Due to the interchangeable use of the word ‘dating’ and its relative ease of use over ‘courtship’, a lot of people have confused dating for courtship. With the above definition, you get to see that dating is a process that leads to a relationship.

This definition likens dating to job hunting. Would you desist from further job hunting just because a company called you for an interview? I’d leave you to answer that question.

When you go on a date with a prospective partner, you do so only to prospect if they are a suitable match. Nothing stops you from prospecting others at the same time provided you are not compromising your set rules such as sex and the likes.

The pressure of multi-dating is really on females as a man is most times in a multi-dating mode by default.To emancipate yourself from that self imprisonment as a lady, realize that you are not being dishonest. You just want the best for yourself as you rightly deserve the best man (unless you say otherwise in which case I can introduce you to a guy I know… trust me, he’s a very horrible person).

I must advise that once you start developing genuine feelings for one of your dates and he/she reciprocates it, then it is time to walk out the door of multi-dating. Trust me, you don’t want to risk a life time of peace for just one more night of fun.

However, if you think multi-dating is not your thing. You feel you can’t keep up with the demands of multi-dating. You find it difficult to stand the drama from one date talk more of multiple dates. Your morality has a strong grip on you and you’ll feel as guilty as a Nigerian politician….. Then stick to mono-dating. At least with that, you wont have to keep a journal of  people you’ve gone out with.




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