The struggle for keeping it 100 in LAG is real, as a LAG BABE you should be able to tick all the boxes on a health list.The thing is most babes is lag concentrates on weight loss maintenance program, but am talking about skin today.

So what do I do to get and maintain a better skin?

Here are a few tips and options if you’re suffering from unhappy skin – be it breakouts, under the skin bulges that won’t desist or just uneven, dull skin.


Let’s get the boring one out the way. Water, water, Lag babes water .  Water is like the holy grail of skin care, drinking water on an empty stomach clears the large intestine, which makes it easier to absorb nutrients that benefit the skin.

Water also generates the production of new blood and muscle cells, which in turn promote a healthy skin. The more the better , I do around 2 litres a normal day, and even more if I need it.



Juicing can have a remarkable effect on your skin appearance. Juicing diets provide increased energy and oxygen levels and help to rid the body of toxins and waste that your skin has to excrete. Eating a diet consisting of healthy foods and fruit and vegetable juices promotes a softer, healthier glowing complexion.

I’ve mixed and matched to find a combination that I can handle the taste of and it goes something like:

1 large apple

2 carrots

A chunk of ginger

1 medium raw beetroot

1 Lemon

The apples and carrots create a sweet base, and the rest does a whole load of goodness – from the queen of energizing, beetroot, to the antioxidants in the apples, and iron hit from the spinach.



Ok this is very tempting truth be told,especially when you know you have to slay your makeup as a sabi  babe, but try your best to keep your make up minimal for a few weeks. A moisturizer just gives your skin a rest, and if you really can’t be without full on foundation, make sure you take it off as soon as you get home. In the evening cleanse, then use a suitable mask and leave it on for a good amount of time, before leaving you skin fresh for the night.


Tea tree oil has wonderful benefits for your skin. Its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties help you get rid of acne and make your skin clearer and brighter. The oil can even help you get rid of scars and marks. You can also use a tea tree oil bath. Add 6 drops of the oil to your bath for regular skin rejuvenation.

This oil is a number one spot buster. Not only is it cheap, it’s natural and it works wonders on breakouts . It can be drying but so long as your keep the areas moisturized at other times to minimize scarring, a dab of oil before bed is your best bet.


I hate to admit this one but its true. Do some exercise. Get sweating. The increased blood flow sends all kinds of goodness shooting around your body. More oxygen helps the blood carry away nastiness . Just have a nice, cleansing shower afterwards.


In addition to juicing , try to up my oily foods but keep it healthy. Avocado, salmon, nuts (alongside other skin friendly foods like carrots and spinach) are all great for helping you get the glow back in your skin due to their essential fat and oil content.


Now that’s how to slay your skin .

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