I’m still trying to picture Naira Marley standing in front of an audience with his trousers sagged below his butt, delivering a key note speech. But anytime I try, someone from the audience keeps shouting ‘MAFO’ And if Naira Marley tries to calm them down, the whole audience start shouting ‘Mad Ooh’…..

Jokes apart, Naira Marley is beginning to scare me.

Few days ago, he left a tweet that got me thinking…(I really wish those Marlians could read between the lines and take some time to think…. but  NO! They are too busy dancing ‘Tesumole’ 🤦)

In the tweet he said, “As a Marlian you have to enjoy your youth but don’t destroy your future”

Some say he was just trying to act modest after a lady revealed he wasn’t a school drop out as most Marlians claim.

According to the lady, Naira Marley has a first degree as well as a Masters degree from the UK. (and this was the same guy telling ladies that big bumbum is better than Masters degree. 🙄)

Maybe in a bid to show consistency in his new found job as a motivational speaker, Naira has dropped another one. This time he sounds like a nation builder. (what the f**k is this guy up to…🤔 hope he doesn’t plan on contesting in the next general elections 😕)

Reminding Nigerian youths their primary duty, the singer said, “Our only job as a youth is to fight corruption but we just don’t know it yet.”

I’m anxious to see or hear what this guy would do next.. Don’t be surprised, he might hold a conference this year and call it ‘Marlian Awakening’ (only problem is those Marlian guys would be shouting ‘o po’ at anything he says). But at least, it will be better than that exalted NEPA oga that was busy shouting ‘I have a dream that one day, Nigeria will have 24 hours electricity’ (how can you dream when there is no light?, how did you see the dream inside darkness?…. Mtcheew 😒)



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