The year is 2055, Samba is enjoying the soothing taste of Dom Perignon Champagne as the reminiscently song of 2face Idibia plays in the background. 2face had been an A-list musician when Samba was in his youth. Though Samba had gone into music at some time in his youth, he had to forfeit a career in music in order to build his business conglomerate.

Standing in his study room which gave him a good view of the town from his penthouse, the business mogul was chagrinned to note the scowl on his face when he remembered how this town had been terrorized by the so called SARS operatives when they were on their ‘witch hunt’. Just then, his little daughter strolled in with an exercise book in hand, “papa, my teacher asked us to write about THE dictatorship Nigeria faced even while in democracy”.

Regaining his composure after being flustered for a moment, Samba let out a sheepish smile and asked his daughter to listen attentively.

“Nigeria’s fall into the hands of a ruler who was in many ways a dictator didn’t happen overnight. The seed of dictatorship grew gradually but steadily because it was well nurtured by brutish misfits who occupied the place of power.

The masses might have noticed the ill intentions of this dictator in democratic kaftan but when the clueless leader who had Goodluck was adjudged to be too soft to hold power, their eyes turned to the only worthy opponent whose militarized life made him see things only in one direction. So in 2015, Nigerians by their own hands ensured the transition of power from a clueless leader to a mindless dictator.

Upon the entry of this dictator, the country was made to believe that the past government left an empty treasury and this became a perfect excuse to justify the immediate economic hell into which the country was thrown into.

Little was done to help the ailing state of the nation’s economy because the commander in chief of the nation was ailing too and had to leave the country countless number of times. The nation practically had a part-time president who was earning full time fees.

During the first four years of this dictatorship, disrespect for the rule of law was very evident, however, it wasn’t done with impunity, after-all the votes of the masses was still needed in the coming elections. When the second tenure was secured, the country saw the highest disregard for the rule of law and a boastful intimidation of the other arms of government.

The executive arm of government led by a man who was so meticulous that the whole nation couldn’t find his certificates even after searching for 8 years oppressed political rivals with their pet police.

Some of these rivals were arrested and detained beyond the constitutionally accepted period and even when they were released after being detained for as much as 4 months, they were re-arrested within hours of being released. One notable event was when an outspoken rival was rearrested in a courtroom about 15 hours after he was released.

To shut the mouth of disgruntled citizens, some lackeys of the dictatorial government sought to pass a bill that will gag citizens. One of such bills even prescribed a death penalty for anyone who was considered to have infringed the hate speech bill.

It is worthy of notice to note that all these inhumane actions were hinged on the perfectly crafted lie which was tagged a fight against corruption. What people failed to see then was that this fight against corruption was only directed against people who would not bend the knee and pledge allegiance to a tyrannical rule. The key players in this dictatorial government were known for their corrupt practices when they were governors of their states. Do we talk about the then minister of transportation, whose many sins in the Rivers killed the fishes there? Or do we talk about one of such senators who assaulted a lady brutally in a sex toy shop and still sat in the legislative seat to make laws that will inhibit people from talking about his thriller films whenever he starred in them again?

In 2019, a time when the country was rife with unemployment, when the state of the roads were deplorable, when there was insufficient infrastructures and social amenities, the same tyrannical government approved a whopping N37 billion for the renovation of the national assembly complex.

The dictatorship Nigeria faced while in democracy was an eye opening period for Nigerians. It was a time when fundamental human rights were violated at will. A time when the rule of law was enslaved. A time when security operatives who were supposed to protect the lives of citizens hunted the same citizens, extorting them and shooting down those who resisted.”

When Samba turned to look at his daughter, he found her clutching her exercise book with all her might. “papa, is that man still alive? Will he lock us up?”

Patting her head Samba said; “even the villain die someday”.


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  1. Amaka Onugha

    December 21, 2019 at 9:32 am

    A nice article. This is a must read for everyone


  2. […] Hushng had reported earlier with a supporting video that showed the Governor of Bornu state, Umara Zulum accusing some officers of the Nigerian Army deployed along Maiduguri – Damaturu Road of extorting commuters and causing unnecessary traffic. […]


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